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亚博官方网站_他们哪怕无球可踢 也要逃离中超?
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亚博官方网站_他们哪怕无球可踢 也要逃离中超?

  Source: Football News 




   The contract between Hamsik and the Dalian native expires at the end of 2021. Shalawi, who signed with Shanghai Shenhua only last summer, will not expire until the summer of 2022. However, unlike Salavi, who was stranded in Italy on September International Match Day and had already asked Shenhua to tell him that he decided to rent him out, Hamsik did not reveal that he wanted to return to Europe immediately when interviewed by Slovak media. The idea of ​​the league. He praised the Chinese Super League’s strict anti-epidemic measures and commented on Dalian’s first stage of the game, but said nothing about his future. Hamsik is more concerned about the first match of Slovakia’s European Cup qualifiers against Ireland. If Slovakia beats Ireland at home on October 8, it will enter the Group B final, and the away game against the winners of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The final will be at 11. Held on the 12th, a European Cup qualifying spot was decided.


  Because of China’s entry and quarantine issue, Hamsik has a high probability of staying in Slovakia after this international competition day, waiting for the November international competition day and the winter window starting in January. He talked about reuniting with his wife Martina and three sons after half a year, and his eldest son Christian started to pursue his football dream from his hometown club. He is still in a football school named after him, but there is no international competition day. Plans to return to China. Hamsik plans to arrange training by himself during this period. The two European Cup qualifiers in October and November are his only goals during this time.

由于中国的入境和检疫问题,哈姆西克极有可能在这个国际比赛日之后留在斯洛伐克,等待11月国际比赛日和从1月开始的冬季活动。半年后,他谈到要与妻子玛蒂娜(Martina)和三个儿子团聚,他的长子克里斯蒂安(Christian)开始从家乡俱乐部追求足球梦想。他仍在以他的名字命名的足球学校里,但是没有国际比赛日。计划返回中国。 Hamsik计划在此期间自己安排培训。 10月和11月的两次欧洲杯预选赛是他这段时间唯一的进球。

   Compared to Hamsik, who values ​​family more, Shalawi seems a little bit too late. The Shanghai Shenhua striker, who has returned to Italy in September, has been actively contacting the Serie A team, from Juventus to Lazio in the near future, but there has been no substantial progress. There is not much time left for Shalawi, he must finalize the loan transfer on Monday. Otherwise, he will, like Hamsik, face a situation where he hasn't played for almost two months. Unlike Hamsik, the core midfielder of the Slovak national team, Salavi is a completely marginal figure in the Italian national team. He has zero appearances in September, and October will probably be no exception.

与重视家庭的Hamsik相比,Shalawi似乎为时已晚。上海申花射手已于9月返回意大利,在不久的将来一直在积极联系意甲从尤文图斯到拉齐奥的球队,但并没有取得实质性进展。 Shalawi的时间不多,他必须在星期一完成贷款转移。否则,他将像Hamsik一样面临将近两个月没有出场的情况。与斯洛伐克国家队的核心中场哈姆西克不同,萨拉维在意大利国家队中是完全边缘的人物。他在九月的出场次数为零,而十月可能也不例外。

   The Italian media believe that Lazio will short-term rent Salavi until the end of February 2021, and he will return to Shanghai Shenhua to continue playing in the Super League in the new season. But obviously, the two European internationals seem to have no plans to stay in the Super League. The Slovak media mentioned Hamsik’s high salary in China, but Hamsik’s response is that his happiest thing is to reunite his family and return to his familiar hometown. Loans like Ighalo, Carrasco and Diego Souza may be the most ideal and direct way for the two to escape the Super League. Even if they have not played for at least two months, the two European internationals have to flee the Super League. This is the cruel reality facing the Super League.

意大利媒体认为,拉齐奥将短期租用萨拉维(Salavi),直到2021年2月底,他将返回上海申花,继续在新赛季打入超级联赛。但显然,这两名欧洲国脚似乎没有留在中超联赛的计划。斯洛伐亚博博彩提款秒到账克媒体提到哈姆西克在中国的高薪水,但哈姆西克的回应是他最幸福的事情是使家人团聚并返回他熟悉的家乡。伊加洛(Ighalo),卡拉斯科(Carrasco)和迭戈·苏扎(Diego Souza)之类的贷款可能是两人逃离超级联赛的最理想,最直接的方式。即使他们至少有两个月没有参加比赛,这两名欧洲国脚也不得不逃亚博官方网站离超级联赛。这是中超联赛面临的残酷现实。

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